Race To Erase

How It Works

Race Challenges

Each challenge is hosted by a local business or not-for-profit and is an excellent opportunity to highlight the products and services that they offer. Race participants visit these locations on Race Day and complete a challenge lasting anywhere from five to ten minutes. The committee works with these hosts to design the challenges, and solicits input on any messages that they would like to present. This is a great way for participants to learn about their community in a fun way.

Some examples of exciting past challenges include:

Life as a Fisherman

Life of a Fisherman: In this challenge, participants learned what it was like to work for a seafood company. First, each team was supplied with a sample box for shipping seafood on ice and asked to build three more identical boxes, one at a time (as seen in the background). Then teams worked together to empty ice from the blue containers using plastic cups.

Cinderella Story

Cinderella Story: In this challenge, participants took on the task of piecing together prom gowns. Each team was provided with the picture of a dress and a number of fabric cut-outs. First, they designated one team member to act as the mannequin, then the other team members assembled the dress on them, using safety pins to hold it in place. Finally, each team took a picture of the team member wearing the assembled dress.

We feel it is the best event going in the community from a charitable, community, team building and networking perspective.

- The Staff, Lisa Mayer CPA Professional Corporation -

The number of repeat teams year over year shows the event’s strength and it’s firmly in my calendar of events each fall.

- Tracy Ranick, Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation -