An annual event where teams compete in fun-filled challenges throughout their community, all in support of local charities.


This is a chance to connect with your teammates, other Race participants, local businesses and not-for-profits, and your community! It begins when individuals reach out to friends, family and co-workers to form a team of four. Teams work to fundraise for their chosen charity. On Race day, teams connect with each other as they compete to complete the challenges in the fastest time. Finally, they celebrate the meaningful work that a community can accomplish when they come together.


Teams begin by competing to raise the most funds for their chosen organization. Prizes are handed out to the top fundraisers. Then on Race Day teams travel throughout their community, competing in a series of fun-filled challenges along the way. The team that finishes the combined challenges in the fastest time is crowned the Race to Erase winner. Note: this is not a running race! The challenges are a combination of savvy and smarts – no goofy shorts required.


This is an opportunity to support your community in a fun and meaningful way. The most immediate contribution comes from the fundraising taken on by each team – all of the money raised goes to local organizations. Volunteers create, organize and run the stops while local businesses and charities host them, benefiting from the exposure and awareness created.  Everyone who takes part helps erase the barriers faced by local charities in achieving their goals.

We feel it is the best event going in the community from a charitable, community, team building and networking perspective.

- The Staff, Lisa Mayer CPA Professional Corporation -

The number of repeat teams year over year shows the event’s strength and it’s firmly in my calendar of events each fall.

- Tracy Ranick, Sarnia-Lambton Business Development Corporation -